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You have high demands when it comes to vehicle performance. You are unique and you expect your pickup to enable you to do what you want to do. Whether that means using it for work every day, travelling or driving it off-road, you don't want to find yourself hitting your head on the ceiling at every bump.

Your unstable handling soon becomes obvious due to swaying in gusts of wind, less grip on the front wheels, too long a braking distance and bouncing when you go over a bump, hole or tree trunk. This is because the pickup leans over backwards if it's loaded too heavily. It will also cause you to blind any oncoming drivers.

The right Dunlop air assist will stabilise the pickup significantly. Air suspension is unknown to many and consequently unloved. Over the years, however, Dunlop Air Assist has become something of an icon among air suspension systems and now well known in practically every part of the world. Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle with it, will never want to do without. The pickup will be much more comfortable to drive, the ride height more consistent, you'll be less affected by bumps, holes, tree trunks and gusts of wind and be generally safer on the road.

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Without air suspension

  • Unstable handling
  • Higher sensitivity to cross-winds
  • Less grip on the front wheels
  • Long, or too long a braking distance
  • Can dangerously blind oncoming drivers
  • Increased risk of damage

With air suspension

  • More driving comfort and better roadholding
  • Always sufficient ground clearance
  • Highly stable left/right divided system
  • Allows vehicle to be raised safely to drive on and off ferries
  • Levels on an uneven surface
  • More grip on the front wheels
  • Better steering
  • Shorter braking distance