Air Suspension Systems

Dunlop air assist kits are specially developed for delivery vans, pick-up trucks and camper vans with fixed axle loads.

Vehicles fitted with a standard steel-sprung suspension tend to stand too low at the rear when heavily loaded. One consequence of this is: that the front axle load is reduced, which may result in:

  • Steering becoming poor and ┬áunresponsive
  • Diminished road holding
  • Lengthening braking distance
  • Incorrect headlamp alignment, causing dazzle to oncoming vehicles
  • Reduced driving stability and comfort

Dunlop air assist kits ensures that the vehicle remains perfectly balanced under different loading conditions. If the vehicle is heavily loaded, it can still be driven comfortably by manual adjustment (via two air valves) of the pressure and/or volume of air within the air bellows in order to achieve a normal driving position. Auxiliary air suspension offers significant advantages including:

  • Considerable increase in stability
  • Reduced sensitivity to side winds
  • Significantly improved road holding
  • Maintenance of the correct braking pressure
  • Less wear and tear on tires
  • Simple assembly