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Dunlop air assist kits are specially developed for motorhomes, vans and pick-ups with fixed axle loads.

For decades DSC Nederland has been manufacturing Dunlop air suspension for motorhomes, van’s and pick-ups. We have a wide range of air assist products in stock, depending on make and model. Air suspension is still unknown to many and therefore unloved. Whoever has experienced the benefits of air suspension, never really wants to be without it. Every air assist kit consists of specially designed strong steel fasteners and large, strong air bellows that can be operated independently. You can determine the comfort, stability and ride height by varying the air pressure yourself.

Motorhome with traditional springs

Motorhome with traditional springs

Commercial vehicle with traditional springs

Van with traditional springs

Pickup truck with traditional springs

Pick-up truck with traditional springs

Vehicles fitted with a standard steel-sprung suspension tend to stand too low at the rear when heavily loaded. One consequence of this is: that the front axle load is reduced, which may result in:

Motorhome with air assist

Motorhome with Air Assist

Commercial vehicle with air assist

Van with Air Assist

Pickup truck with air assist

Pick-up with Air Assist

Dunlop air assist kits ensures that the vehicle remains perfectly balanced under different loading conditions. If the vehicle is heavily loaded, it can still be driven comfortably by manual adjustment (via two air valves) of the pressure and/or volume of air within the air bellows in order to achieve a normal driving position. Auxiliary air suspension offers significant advantages including: