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David Jay
Just fitted your semi air suspension system to my Boxer x250 self build. What a difference it makes. Very easy to fit as long as the bump stop studs come out ok, use plenty of WD 40.
2017-06-06 18:52:19
Anthony Foster
I have had your system fitted by Watling Engineers LTD in St Albans it has greatly inproved the handling of my 2003 Iveco based Mobilvetta Icaro P3 I carry a 120kilo scooter at the rear so now the motorhome drives and stands beautifully. I have one problem because I live in Spain the ITV station will not pass the upgrade as they say there is insificant paperwork ie.certficado taller, proyecto techico,
2016-08-22 17:08:45
Nice range of products and detailed info available via your site. I look forward to getting an air suspension system from your company.yes
2015-04-20 21:07:13
Peter Evetts
I haven't installed them yet but I am lookig forward to a more stable motor home ride,especially when negotiating roundabouts. The vehicle leans somewhat on the standard springs.enlightened
2015-01-18 12:17:39
Nice and good products !
2014-09-08 22:21:05